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    Yeah, Carol? WTF.

    I suspect that they shot a whole lot of scenes in one go down in the dungeons to save on money. There are a lot of things that don't add up. Odd jumps etc.

    Other than that I think it was a good episode. Couldn't possibly live up to the previous one of course but still. I like Michonne, she didn't tell Andrea stuff cause she doesn't know it for sure. Just throwing accusations around would make her look even more paranoid.

    Am I the only one picking up a little romance between the two of them? What happened in that meatlocker?

    I also liked the Michonne playing Shrlock fail.

    Michonne - "How's about them Pennylol?"
    The Guvenmator - "Holy crÍpes she knows abouts it! She's special:)"
    Michonne - "I bet you say that about all your women"
    The Government - "LOL, she has no clu! HAHAHA of the hooks!"

    The reunion of the brothers will be epic BTW. Really looking forward to it.

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