#5048645, By MoFo Weird Shite in the Sky

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    Ok I think something weird is going on in the UK. I saw something in the morning yesterday that freaked me out a bit but I'd not thought any more about it until I saw this post.

    Was around 9.30am. Looked out the window to see three vapour trails forming close together at high altitude. They were all at the same height and if it was jets I'd say they would've been little more than say 200m apart. If jets then they were pretty small as the vapour trail was quite thin, unlike passenger jets.

    My initial thought was, "Oh fuck, someone's launched some nukes", as I've never seen anything like it. I live in Glasgow and I've never seen jet fighters flying overhead. They weren't flying in a straight line either so my second thought was, "Are they chasing something?" I can't imagine it's normal for jets to fly so close over the top of a densely populated city.

    I know this might not really sound odd as I'm sure there are RAF jets flying all over the UK all the time but something about this unsettled me. It was just unusual. Maybe just my paranoia and fear of nuclear war! But then again maybe there is something weird going on.
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