#5043815, By skillian Anyone remember Special Reserve?

  • skillian 28 Jul 2009 21:46:15 42 posts
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    Yes, that's them (kind of, sort of an offshoot of the company with the same MD). They also run Freeola.com. It's funny, they are still running the old cheats page and the forum is still going too! Haven't seen some of those names in a looong time - never thought to check it recently!

    Hah, the top winner of Gameaday there has 86 wins under his belt - thats an incredible amount of free stuff he's earned. But then he's been registered for 3226 days - nearly ten years. Don't see forums histories like that very often! Sorry, just reminiscing here, I hadn't thought about it for years until this week.

    something about N64 vs PS saying that it was the quality of the games that mattered etc etc

    Heh, the more things change, the more they stay the same huh?
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