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    To avoid massive sugar rush, try and stick to the low GI fruits, like dark berries, pears and apples, and away from the high GI fruits like watermelon, mangos etc.
    Carrots are a good veggie choice, as is kale :)

    If you go on a site for a smoothie place, you'll see the difference in calories and sugar depending on the fruit you're using. The red/berry based ones are normally much better for you.

    Top tip! I add silken Tofu to mine instead of yoghurt to make them creamy and add extra low fat protein, you totally can't taste it, just make sure it's the silken (strained) kind or it will be lumpy if you can't stand tofu (you totally can't taste it) Fage 0% greek yoghurt is amazing, loads of protein to keep you full, low sugar and no fat.
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