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    oceanmotion wrote:
    Surprised there hasn't been an uprising. Looks like they get hardly any food, army is huge and probably easily taken over if you just take out the right people or person.

    I imagine they are so scared to step out of line as anyone could turn them in but in reality they never would so the game continues and they enjoy the high life or whatever that may be.

    How educated are the civilians?
    Not a chance, 99.9% of them are petrified, and, literacy aside, absolutely indoctrinated as magicpanda pointed out. Most believe the rest of the world are worse off, "nothing to envy" is regularly trotted out as an instruction on how they should view how the rest of the world lives.

    Are you familiar with the three generation rule?

    From wikipedia:

    "Political repression is worse than any other country in the world. People often spy on each other for the slightest signs of disloyalty, and the government not only punishes offenders, but also punishes three generations of their families in order to purge their tainted blood. Police can at random inspect someone's home, and look for signs of disloyalty, such as foreign television or a secret lover (pre-marital relationships are strictly forbidden, despite both Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il reportedly having many of them). As well as any open criticism of the government, any slight sign of disrespect for dead dictator Kim Il-sung, complaints about living conditions, or offenses by a family member can get one in severe trouble. In North Korea, "punishment" includes either public execution, or imprisonment in one of a series of gulag-like camps in mountains near the Chinese border, where people, some of them there for life, slave away to brutal guards, scavenge for food, are tortured and interrogated and even raped, and are forced to watch and even participate in public executions. Many children do not even know that a world exists outside of the camps."

    All joking about the fat little cunt aside, the inhumanity and irredeemable brutality of the regime is represented there. It's not only you that will spend the rest of your life (if you survive the workload) in prison, your children and their children will be born and die in the gulag too. Imagine that hanging over you as you decide whether or not to overthrow the regime.
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