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    Huge and probably unnecessary bump.

    So, my mum is currently watching this. From the very beginning, season 1. She's probably about 15-18 episodes through the show. My dad watches from afar while reading his books.

    Shannon says one line, something like: "We all get another chance at life on this island" to Sayid.

    Now my dad hates most things on telly. I thought he'd detest this as sci-fi waffle but he actually seems to be getting into it while its on.

    In response to Shannon's line he says: "Oooooo, it could be some kind of purgatory they're in before they go to the afterlife."


    Now, firstly, he's a clever boy. And secondly, I never believed the writers planned the conclusion of the show so early on. I thought it wasn't until the 3rd or so season when they knew it would go the distance that they began to think of the entire timeline.

    Is this the case? Has it been documented when the writers knew where they were taking things?
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