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    DDevil wrote:
    Ah yes. My iPod is a year older than my wife's and nearly 2 years older than my dad's. I can't make folders or view that list of apps.

    Might also explain why I've bought games in the past that don't work. Nice of Apple to make that clear.
    Every app in the store says next to it what devices and OS it requires, but yes older devices that technically run some apps don't do so very well at all. That's just the way it is with tech though, isn't it? There's always a more powerful version around the corner.

    As for the iOS4 feature incompatibility with older iPod touches and iPhones, they were quite specific about what features wouldn't work. However, I didn't think folders was one of them. You should definitely be able to make folders on all devices that support iOS4. If you can't, I'm starting to think you don't actually have the OS on your device!
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