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    Snakehips76 wrote:
    Gartt wrote:
    I really hope its out in time for christmas. :D Not sure how I feel about the real-time racing thing though. I wont be able to OCD restart. ;P

    RedLynx have got 2011 on their website as the expected release so I'm guessing towards Xmas.

    The multiplayer racing is going to take some getting used to for sure - having curved driving lines (imaging Scalextric weaving across lines as opposed to the straight one used in HD) is going to make for a hell of a lot of smashing into each other I'd imagine.

    Unless of course we're racing you, gartt, you won't have to worry too much about being bashed into seeing as you'll be MILES in front of everyone all the time ;o)

    You don't race on the same line!? How will that even work :-\
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