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    RedSparrows wrote:
    'It's terrific stuff; multiplayer Halo has its own flavour, its slightly deliberate pace offset by the loopy, free-wheeling chaos encouraged by the weapon, vehicle, ability and map design. With the new loadout system and damage changes, that flavour has only been intensified. But things have moved fast in the world of the online console FPS, and what was once the only game in town is starting to seem like an acquired taste next to the crisp, arcade thrills and Pavlovian reward feedback of Call of Duty. Ranking up and earning currency to spend on cosmetic unlocks for your Spartan seem like mere fan service by comparison with Infinity Ward's ruthlessly addictive structure. '

    Decent enough review, absolute bullshit in that paragraph. Apparently it's a bad thing Bungie have kept a far cleaner, purer and substantial approach to MP than resorting to bribing people with XP. Not to mention the core gameplay is a trillion miles ahead. Rar.

    He's an MMO guy, he loves the xp!

    the worst thing I've heard in a review was from Gametrailers who I usually like- calling Halo 1 a corridor shooter. WTF?
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