#5181109, By SwedBear PS3 slim?

  • SwedBear 2 Sep 2009 08:40:36 302 posts
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    Bah, cant really make up my mind. I got a US Launch model sitting in my work room. It's not being used so much right now (neither does the xbox 360, having a kid seems to limit the time you can play :( ). I got interested in the Slim because a smaller PS3 would fit better in our livingroom, at least if it's also quieter ...

    Since I'm not really using BC (I still got several US PS2-games though not opened ...) it feels like I might as well sell the launch model and get a Slim ... or I could just put a larger drive into the old PS3 ....

    What would you guys recommend? The Slim's main advantage should be size, larger hard drive, power consumption and possible less noise (although some comments seem to contradict this)?

    There shouldn't be any other advantages in the actual hardware ..?
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