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    Give this a read if you haven't already: http://hackmii.com/2009/02/why-the-wii-will-never-get-any-better/ .

    Re the SD card thing, see where it says
    Even worse - some things that should have been implemented in IOS aren’t. ... The SD card filesystem code is implemented in the games, which means that they can’t possibly add any code that uses SD card files, because two filesystem drivers can’t be used on the same device at the same time. Some things, such as saving games to SD for titles that don’t otherwise use the SD slot, are possible, but the changes needed to accomplish them would be so hacky and intrusive that I doubt they’re ever going to happen.
    I.e., IOS doesn't handle SD so Nintendo can't do anything about it.

    They really made some bad decisions when designing this thing.
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