#345467, By Sid_James'_Park What.. no Portugal v England thread yet?..

  • Sid_James'_Park 24 Jun 2004 18:25:32 193 posts
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    This is a tough call, if England play well and lose I and many other fans will be proud. If they play well and win I'll be ecstatic. If we play boring negative football and lose, then I'll shave my head and don my bovver boots and start a riot.

    England haven't had much time to rest after the Croatia game, fatigue will certainly play a part, with only three subs allowed during a match does Sven opt for the same team, or bring in fresh legs? " Yes I'll have a couple of fresh southern fried legs if you don't mind! "

    There's two semi final spots up for grabs, that are usually taken up by Germany and Italy.
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