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    Well, for me the absolute best thing about the old games was Garrett and I wanted to go on an adventure with him again.

    They've replaced the voice actor, they've changed the character to be younger, wears eyeliner, more action-oriented, he has a new philosophy of life, etc - so the main character is in name only at this point. No Garrett for me, so - no sale. Stephen Russell did more than voice Garrett, he voiced a lot of the NPCs as well, he was a major part of the feel of the series and I'm hacked off they've just thrown him aside so they can go all 'Prince of Persia' on the franchise.

    The city isn't the city I remember. The gameplay has changed. From what I've seen, I don't think it's going to be as open and variable in approach as the first two games (the third wasn't bad, but was a bit broken due to being crippled into zones because of the xbox). It seems, all things considered, extremely unlikely the setting and gameplay will have the charm and atmosphere of the original games.

    They should have gone new IP, like Dishonoured, which has a /lot/ of Thief's influence running through it while still adding its own flavours to make it its own thing.

    Perhaps you should play the Thief games after this one? If you can make the mental leap for the ugly graphics/engine, I think you'll enjoy Garrett and his grim little world. Definitely my favourite games of all time. There are a couple of levels that will scare the shit out of you, so play it in the dark with headphones =D

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