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    Just had a week off so I have been hammering Pro Evo all week and this is the first version since ISS on the Snes that I have not really enjoyed, infact I traded it in for Fifa yesterday which I hope I just hope I will enjoy as I have never played Fifa before.

    I am a massive Pro Evo fan but this years version offered no challenge. I was breezing throught it on Top Player, winning every game and hardly ever conceding except for the odd corner. The computer rarely attackes, preffering to pass around in it's own half, it backs off to the edge of its on penalty area allowing the like of Rooney, Gerrard etc. to fire in a rocket that the terrible goal keepers just let in.

    Yes the shooting feels powerfull and has a get in there feel, yes there's a variety of goals you can score, yes the individuality of players shine through but for me headers are too easy, long range shots are too accurate and the computer provides no challenge at all, such a shame.

    Online for me has improved but is still very frustrating, I only have the patience for quick match which means I could be connected to somebody in Spain, Germany etc. and it feels unresponsive. Online games for me feel nothing like offline, you are just hoping it is responsive enought so you don't concede a stupid goal.

    I just hope I can gleam some enjoyment from Fifa as I love Pro Evo and have felt let down with this years version and preffered 2009.
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