#5850857, By PapaSmurf630 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (console version)

  • PapaSmurf630 21 Feb 2010 15:40:48 246 posts
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    Being on the defending team and running across the road and up onto 'noob hill' with my trusty silenced SCAR, dispatching those scum-sucking snipers up close and personal is bloody satisfying. Then looking down to the right, sticking a tracer dart on top of a passing T90 and blowing it sky high is the most fun I've had online for a very long time.

    It would be nice for a couple more clips of ammo as I tend to run out rather quickly. This does provide for some very exciting, hair raising moments as I have to run out into enemy fire, empty handed in order to pick up some fallen comrades kit!

    One of the best moments I've had is coming up behind a squad of 4. Killing the first bloke with a couple of rounds to the head (my last 4-5bullets), knifing his medic mate in the back before picking up his beefy LMG and wasting the other two. I just burst into laughter. Brilliant fun!
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