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    Already got Borderlands, love it!.

    Despite the poor reviews (there are some decent reviews too) im prepared to give it a go.

    Starchild, how far have you gone through it?, have you tried all three campaigns??
    I'd be interested to hear how you get on with this. I saw a couple of pages back that you and your missus plan to play through it co-op after enjoying Resi 5.

    As Resi 5 was the only game I've been able to get my wife to play in 10 years (other than Wii-based dancing games) I'm hopeful that Resi 6 will be equally as enjoyable to play together.

    My mrs absolutely loved Resi 5 mate.

    Similar to you, it was one of the first proper games i've managed to get her in to (another bit of advice - she LOVES Borderlands). A lot of the negativity that Resi 5 seemed to get revolved around people finding AI Sheva frustrating - playing through Resi 5 with an actual person, it becomes a brilliant game IMO.

    I'll be honest, that was the main reason for me picking up Resi 6 today, regardless of the negative reviews. We'll give it a go and if we dont like it, ill trade it in by the end of the week and recoup most of my money.

    Its also worth noting that a lot of the negative reviews (especially that fat cock Sterling) have been people playing the game single-player. I wouldnt mind reading a review where someone has played through, start to finish, with a co-op partner sat next to them on the couch.
    I'm similarly hopeful that co-op lifts the experience, although we (she) did tend to have a problem with the QTE bits in the last game - so the reported abundance of them in Resi 6 concerns me a little.

    Borderlands 2 is a good call, but I'm waiting until Girlfriend-mode (Mechromancer) becomes available before trying her on that as even I find Borderlands punishing at times.
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