#5787276, By SlightlyMagic How many PS3s are failing?(YLOD, traffic light of death)

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    Ornithophobe wrote:
    How do you mean "dodgy" ? I know the ribbon cable for the blu-ray goes in quite a long way, the black line on the cable has to pretty much line up with the edge of the black strip when you press it back down.

    The access light was flashing constantly and it took several power off and on attempts to eject the disk stuck inside. Once I'd got the disk out it wouldn't accept any others. It was a connection problem anyway, I took the ribbon cable to the BD drive out, blew on the connection in case there was dust or something, reconnected it and it worked ok then.

    Unfortunately my tale of woe didn't end there, as I decided to watch some DVD's on it later last night figuring they wouldn't stress it. Bought a new slim today got home, switched on the old PS3 and got the YLOD again :( . Took it apart once more and heatgunned it again, but when I was reassembling it I stupidly trapped the connection ribbon to the power/eject buttons in the metal frame and damaged it. Took some fiddling to get it so I could switch on the console, but eventually it works and it's doing the data transfer now. I just hope it lasts one more hour and finishes the transfer after all that!
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