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    Hello all. I'm giving serious thought to getting a Vita. It's been a while since I've wandered in the lads of Playstation (back in the PSX days) so I've a few questions relating to PSN and Vita and was hoping some generous soul could help:

    1. Can I do all PSN purchasing, accounting setting up, etc directly through the Vita, or would I need a PS3 as well?
    2. If I'm buying download titles, are they locked to a specific Vita or to a PSN account?
    3. Am I right in thinking that certain titles can be bought on PS Vita and then downloaded again to a PS3 (should I get one at a later date)?
    4. Do you think it's worth getting PS+ if I only have a Vita?

    The swelling pile of decent indie download titles for the Vita is really catching my eye and the main draw for the console (the recent price drop helps as well). For this reason, the Vita / PSN connectivity is crucial to me as, if I needed to get a PS3 as well, it's a lot less appealing...

    Cheers :0)

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