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    RyanDS wrote:
    Virtues last reward is a bit shit isn't it? Slow text, puzzles are fun but limited, and it's annoying as shit having to go through every fucking iteration of every choice and rewatch the same melodrama with just enough minor changes that you can't skip it as there is sure to be one interesting nugget.

    On the plus side I only have 3 named endings and only 4 branches of the story left to do I think. Fucking awesome addictive interesting crap shitty boring superb game.
    Loving the last sentence of this. All the worst points of Visual Novels, although it's clear that the creator is doing it as a troll he just about gets away with.

    K in the Rec Lounge just about makes up for all the plodding points, although I did cheat as seem as there was a puzzle based on Minesweeper as I suck at it

    Currently on Thomas Was Alone.
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