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    @Murbal OK, here we go (if you hadn't already figured it out):

    1. Go into Media Go > Games and then click the Saved Data button at the top.

    2. Find the save you want to transfer. Right-click and select Explore Containing Folder. Windows Explorer should open. Remember the folder you're in (enter it in Notepad or whatever) and then go up one folder (I have it listed as Game Saves).

    3. Copy the folder you were in (the whole folder - e.g ULES00318) and go to where your PS Vita games and other saves are placed in (for me, I have it in C:\Users\yourusernamehere\My Documents\PS Vita) and within there, go to PSAVEDATA\randomfoldernamehere. Right-click in the folder and click Paste.

    4. On the Vita, go to Content Manager and connect to your PC (USB or Wi-Fi - doesn't matter). Touch PC > PS Vita System then Applications >and touch PSP/Other under Saved Data.

    5. Find the saved data you want to copy, touch the checkbox next to it and touch Copy.

    Of course, you can save time by just copying all the save folders in step 3 and pasting them in step 4. It's up to you.

    Pictures available on request :p

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