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    GuiltySpark wrote:
    JayG wrote:

    PS One Classics on PS Vita:
    Yes, you’ve been asking for it! From 28th August you’ll be able to play select PSOne titles on your Vita. Titles confirmed so far: Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil 2.

    That's a pisser if true. Hopefully more then just 3 games.
    I did call this a while ago. They'll fuck us over, it's inevitable. I've been waiting for Resi 2 though so I'm happy regardless.
    Yeah knew this was coming, didn't wanna believe it. Two birdies, with tow different explanations:
    1) Sony is afraid that holes in some games could lead to hacking, as seen with some of the PSP games.
    2) Each game needs to go through ESRB and it's equivalent around the world for every platform its on.

    Number 2 seems more likely, and explains why all PSP games aren't fully compatible. Regardless, its pretty crappy. Will wait till FF9 becomes available.

    Excellent conference though. Shame COD looks shit tho.
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