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    steveb07 wrote:
    dazcox5181 wrote:
    When I got my Vita GT wasn't available for download but last night checked again and happily downloaded it from my Vita and plays just fine - Had bought it when I had my PSP Go (Yes I was the one person who ought it)
    So you clicked and paid on the store via the Vita downloading directly to your Vita memory card and it's fine?
    If so that's fantastic news. I'll do likewise tonight. Thanks for taking one for the team!
    No, read what I wrote - I bought it when it launched on PSP via my PSP. But It's so far been unavailable to download ON the vita itself - you had to use the PS3. Last night I could finally download it straight from the Vita - But I suppose it would be the same as if you bought it on the Vita too!
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