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    I think I'm going to pick one up around the beginning of April. Is Amazon still the cheapest? I notice the basic price of the Vita's gone up from £197 to £209 on the site.
    I believe they have gone back to their "memory card + game for £15" thing though? I think they were charging a bit more for the extras when they had the console @ £197.
    Nah, was checking the bundles earlier and it's still the same crappy bundle (buy 8GB card for £20 and get a game for £15), but now with the higher £210 price for the Vita itself. I've checked all the usual places and all the decent bundles offers seem to have finished now, sadly.
    Best value bundles i've found which are still available are on GameStop.co.uk, never used them before, so don't know what they are like, and their site appears to run a bit slow.

    I'm tempted by Wi-Fi Vita, Uncharted and 16GB memory card for £269.99.

    They are also doing Wi-Fi + Fifa or Virtua Tennis for £229.99 or Wi-Fi + any game for £239.99.
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