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    I folded and ended up trading in my 3DS at Game along with a few xbox games. I was surprised with he amount they gave me. 135 for the 3DS when I bought it for 120 and 38 for Res Revelations with Circle Pad when I got it for 30 from Zavvi. Apparently these trade in prices on the 3DS when picking up a Vita are only available until the end of the month. The only downside is Game's uncompetitive offers, but still worth it if you want to trade-in as it's more than the 100 Asda and HMV are offering for the 3DS.

    Picked up Uncharted and Virtua Tennis in store and Motorstorm and WipeOut from the online store. PSN ID=justynstime if anyone would like to add me.

    Really impressed with the system so far. Thankfully no teething problems.
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