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    Darren wrote:
    mikew1985 wrote:
    Got the vita starter kit yesterday as i needed a case, put my protective cover on to the screen today, no bubbles or dust underneath, I reallly focused on getting that right.

    What i didn't focus on however was getting it properly straight /o\

    Totally bloody crooked :(

    Has to come off!
    I haven't put mine on yet so I'm still wearing touchscreen gloves to use my PSV and keep it in the (excellent) soft protective bag that you get in the Starter Kit. I'm a bit concerned though that if I put it on then have to remove that I'll get sticky residue all over the screen. How easy are these things to put on and how easy are they to remove? I'd appreciate some advice as using gloves was only ever meant as a temporary option.
    Easy to replace. just use your nail to lift an edge then peel off. No residue left behind but a quick wipe with a soft cloth is always good.

    Edit @Mike

    if you're careful you can lift it up and recentre it. if you touch the underside it won't stick properly though. mind the corners as this is where it usually touches your finger.

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