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    i went to gamestation earlier - the salesperson was quite friendly, which made for a change, given i have read negative experiences when it comes to game/gamestation staff.

    i got to, yes, hold the vita by myself and have a go on it. whilst trading in my 3ds and games, i complained about the circlepad on the 3ds - he showed me his 3ds with the circle pad pro attachment - he seemed to really like it - i told him i would wait for a re-design.

    as soon as i told him i was trading in my 3ds for a vita, he informed i should wait until lauch day, as they would give me £100 for it now, and £130 on launch day. the staff seem to be really out of the loop when it comes to in-store offers. he made an enquiry, and confirmed i would get £130 for it now.

    the staff still don't know what bundles they will have - what's online may not reflect what' in-store, annoyingly for it. my local gamestation had completely sold out for pre-orders for the 16 gb card.

    i was told to ring later on today, as they may have an update on the in-store bundles. provisionally, i have put a deposite down on the wi-fo vita only.

    i have a question about the vita £5 off a sen game code. i created an account, and i was told i need to provide additional information to register my code. after last year's mess, i really don't want to give sony my address - thaat's what they seem to be after, as well as my credit card information, too. why can't i just activate the code without giving sony my address and crdit card details? sigh.
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