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    Machetazo wrote:
    varsas wrote:
    I hadn't heard of this until yesterday and trying the demo it is basically God of War including gratuitous nudity but with more difficult to see QTE buttons. I did enjoy it and the opening sequence was excellent although I'm not a fan of the style they chose for the animation sequences.
    I'm not sure I'd call the nudity gratuitous. Seems to me, to be mostly thematically fitting, really, and also, preferable to feeding the idea of such content being inappropriate/hush-hush, but then trade on that, by getting as much mileage as can be found over teased/no pay-off encounters, arguably, like God of War hopes to entice, in that regard. (blunting the scene, in the process, and almost reasserting then, that it's not serving any narrative purpose - but we're talking GoW here, where narrative is largely disposable; or at least seems to be.)

    Maybe THAT'S the difference, between DI/GoW, that Visceral have a solid foundation in the poem to act as a measuring rule about how they will treat the game?

    What a load of nonsense, have you actually played any of the GOW games? Kratos' loss and his thirst for revenge story is very important to the enjoyment of the game and it goes very well with the whole ridiculously violent style of the game.

    And as a lot of reviews have said, the pacing and many of the set pieces differentiate GOW from many of the other hack n slash games around.
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