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    rickalish wrote:
    Have you thought about doing the Beat The Frog night on mondays at Frog and Bucket? It's a big venue, but I intend to give it a go when I'm back in Manchester in the summer.
    Thought about it, need to do a few more softball gigs before I go there. Heard it gets a bit ruthless, as it's a gong show, and I'm not exactly a rapid-fire, gag-a-minute crowd-pleaser.

    nickthegun wrote:
    Ive heard some great hecklers and on a comedy night where the comedians only get a few minutes, if the guy is dying then audiences can get behind a heckler.

    I was at a comedy night once where the comedian tried to fight a guy I was with because he wouldnt stop heckling him. He told a few crap jokes and this guy shouted 'fuck off and get the next guy on'.

    He came back with a pre-prepared heckler put down and the heckler shouted 'your mum', which he repeated every time the comedian said anything. The audience were pissing himself and the comedian ended up jumping off stage and had to be held back.
    You know those rapid-fire open spot gigs are for really inexperienced acts, right? And this guy you're with drove a new guy to distraction by shouting non-sequiters at him from the dark. Fuck him.

    Seriously, I've heard every "oh, but this one time" story about the mythical "witty heckle" and it's always been that sort of thing; some cunt shouting "your mum" at a newcomer. I don't know if he's a friend of yours or anything, but I hope he dies on Christmas day.
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