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    Nth wrote:
    Cuchulainn wrote:
    Got a new lens!

    Quite happy with the first shot from it too. Train was 150m+ away.

    Shot here
    Stats: ISO1600, 1/30s, 600mm, handheld..

    I think it's ok :)
    What will you be using it for? (Apart from the obvious use of perving at women from a mile away).

    Yeah, I'm happy with it - it's a Sigma f8 mirror lens. As Otto pointed out, a 100% crop is slightly less sharp :) Very happy with the image quality though - sure, it's less sharp and contrasty than a Ł1500+ refractive prime, biut it looks pretty good considering it was Ł150.

    I'm shooting on a Pentax k20D, so was able to use the in body stabilisation which gives a few stops advantage. Resting on a pillar gave me the other couple of stops I needed.

    Bought the lens because I'm going to the shuttle launch in a couple of weeks, so wanted to be able to get some momentos of it. I'll be miles away, so there isn't any point in spending shedloads of money on a lens for this - it's an afternoon launch, so heat haze through the atmosphere will limit any lenses performance.
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