#9265853, By Flying_Pig Self-imposed ban on buying more games

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    About this time last year, I make a commitment to not spend more than £100 on games in 2012, although allowing my imminent Vita purchase to not count.

    Having tracked my purchases though the year, my total is closer to £500, although £200 was the Vita and another £100 was the Borderlands 2 ultimate loot hunter chest edition.

    But having taken a PS+ subscription out this year, I've not purchased a boxed PS3 game for more than 6 months ( except the aforementioned BL2). My main game spending has been on Vita titles (got about a dozen boxed titles), but the backlog is limited to:
    - NFS: MW - almost finished
    - Big Sky Infinity - PS+ free
    - Knytt Underground - PS+ free
    - Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

    Not bad at all, and the bulk of my spending in 2013 will be limited to Vita titles - Persona 4 Golden, EDF, Sly Cooper & the thieves of time, Soul Sacrifice etc

    PS3 is a different matter entirely. The backlog is about the same size as last year (~ 20 titles), but then there's another 20 PS+ titles I've got to play. Certainly enough to keep me busy though 2013 - but then there's stuff like The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite to tempt me...
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