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    Psychotext wrote:
    Mercedes going out isn't going to help RBR / Vettel. Lotus or Ferrari going out would though.

    As good as Monaco was for them, they wont be challenging for either title at the end of the year. As for the part of it that was Mercedes fault, it's A: That they controlled the test and B: That they didn't ask FIA permission.

    Lets say some guy in work comes and says it's totally fine if you take next week off and book yourself a hotel... you're going to check with the boss before doing so.
    Aye true. According to Brawn on Sky telly at the weekend he asked for clarification from the FIA in writing and received it (at least, pretty sure it was writing he said). That kinda covers that.

    That's the thing I don't get, why such a fuss over a team that is incredibly unlikely to win.

    I think RBR and Ferrari want their own shot on the tyres, this has nothing to do with getting MB punished. They may yet get their way.

    Also, according to Brawn in his interview, they didn't "run" the test. He says it was their car and drivers etc but Pirelli ran it. Of course I would be very surprised if they didn't learn something from it but how much can you believe? Brawn isn't some new kid. Hes been doing it longer than most and should know these things.
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