#9462923, By Maturin Commute to work, how long is acceptable?

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    I've had some long commutes in my time due to how rubbish public transport is in the UK. Quite annoying doing temp jobs in parts of Manchester where a 20 minute car ride would take 90 minutes via two buses with long waits and changeovers. And when I worked out in Glossop I had to get a train into Manchester - opposite the direction I wanted - before getting a train where I wanted to go.

    After a few years of that kind of thing I never minded long car commutes once I could afford my own wheels. At least I was in my own space, with my own music. Compared to long bus journeys with lots of waiting being in my own car felt like home already. I worked all summer one year in an office near Manchester airport. The traffic home was always awful, but I didn't mind after years of bus hell.

    I did then work for a couple of years near Blackburn and commuted the forty or so miles via car every morning. But I didn't mind. It wouldn't have been doable by public transport.

    However I spent most of the last decade working from home. Which removes the whole issue entirely, but does bring problems of its own. Now I live in a Dorset village you need a car to get anywhere. Though there are bus services you couldn't really use them to commute.
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