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    valli wrote:
    After completing the main story and running errands for all the different misfits around the Wastelands, I'm actually considering starting a new game with a vile character for the single purpose murdering every single human in the game.

    Is this possible you think? How much time would it take? I suppose completing the game would be impossible. Are there any humans that appear at certain points in the story, thus "untouchable" early on?

    In that case I suppose it's better to start this "project" just before the final main story quest. Any ideas?

    Extract from 'Vault-Tec Study of Mutated Homo-Sapiens Section 12: Reproduction Anomalies'

    It is most curious that in such a harsh and uninhabitable place as the Capital Wasteland, plagued with such dangers as starvation or death at the hands (or claws) of Radscorpions, the human population appears to be continuously increasing. Vault-Tec biologists have studied this particular phenomenon extensively and can come to only one conclusion.

    Due to fallout from the nuclear war that occurred between the United States of America and the People's Republic of China some two hundred years ago, Washington D.C. and surrounding areas are inflicted with abnormally high background radiation levels and radiologically contaminated water sources. This degree of exposure has resulted in numerous mutations to exposed humans over the years, with the most peculiar affliction being an abnormally high reproductive rate in certain specimens.

    It appears as though certain females can give birth to large numbers of offspring simultaneously. Most peculiarly, these infants emerge fully grown and adorned with leather armour and assault rifles in a process described varyingly as "most uncomfortable" and "AAAAGHHHHHH SHIT IT HURTS, GOD DAMN AUSTRALIANS TAKING AWAY ALL OUR MORPHINE!!!" by differing research subjects.

    With edible food and safe drinking water being somewhat scarce most mothers cast their unwanted children out into the Capital Wasteland to fend for themselves, where they all invariably change their names to 'Raider' and band together into loose groups. Not taught proper manners by a parental figure these groups tend to be aggressively violent to any passers-by in a style reminiscent of ancient Chavs, and require frequent extermination to make travel through the Wasteland remotely safe. Given the alarming regularity and sudden appearances of groups of these 'Raiders', many explorers of the Capital Wasteland have likened the phenomenon to 'random spawning' in ancient computer RPGs. Buildings which have previously been secured from these vile ragamuffins can mysteriously become repopulated within a matter of days or even hours, as though the Raiders are literally being 'respawned' by some unknown mechanism.

    Because of this unusual and rather infuriating phenomenon, it appears that Vault-Tec Proposal VT-26661a, commonly known as "Kill All Humans!", may be all but impossible to achieve. Add to this the fact that certain irradiated members of post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. society seem to have developed a form of immortality, whereby they cannot be killed unless it is required by arbitrary events, and our goals would seem insurmountable.
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