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    Just browsing the Steam Spring Indie Sale Top Sellers list and very disappointed to find To the Moon is currently way down in 85th. This game is criminally neglected, I bet you haven't even heard of it.

    Why should I play it?

    It tells one of the best and most emotionally resonant stories that gaming has to offer.

    To The Moon was doing the whole barely a game but the story is so good that it doesn't matter, almost a year before The Walking Dead. The writing is way beyond what you expect in games, in fact way better than 90% of films. The art direction is spot on with the 16 bit graphics conveying the creators intent with surprising effectiveness. The music is utterly gorgeous.

    It's just 2.79 in the sale, which is pretty much as cheap as it's ever been. But I recommend the soundtrack bundle at 3.99. I can pretty much guarantee that you'll want the soundtrack after playing the game

    One caveat, there really is very little gameplay in the traditional sense. I know there were some people who just did not like The Walking Dead because it 'has no gamplay'. If you are one of these people, To The Moon actually has even less gameplay than The Walking Dead, so it's probably not for you.

    Everyone else, just play this game.

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