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    EvilW wrote:
    @PenguinJim hahahaha, i shouldn't moan so much, I've learnt my lesson

    seriously, what do you think of CivV? I tried it during the steam free weekend and I enjoyed it... but I had no idea of what I was doing
    I learned everything I know about history from the Civ games. Kinda.

    Civ V isn't exactly better or worse than Civ IV, because they play a bit too different to be compared (while Civs 1, 2 and 4 were simply natural progressions of the same game, a la X). If you've got a PC, you should definitely have a Civ, though.

    Just be warned: it's a real timesink and the original game possibly invented the one-more-turn scenario that has since destroyed countless marriages and economies.

    Actually, I did have my peepers on this pack to throw a Civ IV onto Steam and pick up the Stronghold collection at the same time. I bravely used my vibranium willpower to resist (TOO MANY GAMES!), but if you're interested in Civ V and Gods & Kings for $10, we can maybe go splitsies...
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