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    how's the PC port of Dead Rising 2,if anyone knows?
    Decent, uses GfWL though if that bothers you.
    I heard the zombie count was a bit denser too, so should be the best version. I only played through (and enjoyed) teh PC version so can't comment, and yes it uses GFWL (not sure if you need to load it or can run it offline, a-la Fallout 3, though)
    It doesn't always run as well as it should, but it's a very nice looking game and DEFINITELY worth getting at that price, even if you already own it for the 360. Does use GFWL which isn't great, but didn't give me bother personally (it's hit and miss). Great pad support.
    Actually, your comment reminds me, pad support is not so great, or certainly wasn't for me.

    I had to basically hack it into working with my wireless 360 pad. Not sure if it's since been patched, but it hadn't been right up until 6ish months post release.
    Bought it yesterday, my wired 360 pad worked right away.
    Capcom explained it as an issue with Microsoft using different drivers for the wired/wireless pads I think. Apparently none of the testers played it with wireless pads :D
    Found this thread about it, includes a direct link to the update:
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