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    Mr-Brett wrote:
    Is that legal? can they deny you access to service you're paying for because you don't buy a router from them? Sounds pretty iffy to me.
    I looked it up online. If a tech support person gives you the details they can end up in some deep trouble (phone calls are recorded so there would be evidence). It is something to do with only supporting the router hardware they provide and is stipulated in their t&c apparently.

    The only router support we got yesterday was to stick a pin in the reset button.

    I have now found out how to strip the details so if we did ever want to use a new router I can now do that.

    AaronTurner wrote:

    Batman is good, I found the first few hours a bit of a let down but since then it's picked up. At first it feels a little overwhelming.
    I'll keep that in mind. I did enjoy the 15 minute demo so I am hopeful.

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