#9361076, By Mr_Sleep What are you currently playing?

  • Mr_Sleep 11 Feb 2013 14:09:36 18,044 posts
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    Currently playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution which has been sitting in my steam library for quite a while. It reminds me quite a bit of Invisible War as opposed to the first Deus Ex.

    This isn't necessarily a good thing as I started Invisible War numerous times but never got very far, however, this one has finally started to click a bit. I think the fact that I'm not going for a purely stealth route is making things more interesting. The shotgun is a genuinely fun gun to use and the story is intriguing enough so far, although quite predictable.

    Oh and the first boss battle wasn't quite as bad as I had read, I'm sure they get worse but I managed to do it on the third go after realising the big red barrels were ripe for explosion. Stupid augments leaving incongruous explosive things lying around.

    You are a factory of sadness.

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