#4185405, By andyk PS3 Disc reading problems - Please Help!!

  • andyk 26 Dec 2008 20:36:44 170 posts
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    YoshiIsland wrote:
    I will get it back from the sis in law and take it back to Gamestation tomorrow then. Thanks.

    /rolls up sleeves ready for a ruck with GS...

    How did this go? The same thing happened to me on Christmas eve. Mine is a 60gb launch (23/3/07) model from Play. I'll be making some calls tomorrow to both Sony and Play.

    edit: I had no problems with Sony repairing my launch model - so 19 months old. They picked up on 5 Jan, returned the following week no charge to me. The sony helpline confirmed it was under warranty and there was me gearing up a for an argument thinking it was only 12 months.
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