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  • Deleted user 7 January 2009 13:55:02
    Mike_Hunt wrote:
    urizen wrote:
    mowgli wrote:
    Mike_Hunt wrote:
    I'd like to play though a campaign, if anyone's interested then chuck me an invite

    /is about to appear online


    Oh bugger I never noticed this, I started watching a film :(

    Damn, we coulda done with a fourth player. We got miserably and repeatedly shafted on Blood Harvest chapter 5...and "only" on advanced. Seriously, the AI director was in a pissy mood.

    /excuse of champions
    Aye, it was all the AI directors fault. Did you manage to complete it in the end? Sorry I had to abandon you to your deaths, but I had an early start this morning.


    Early starts....reminds me I'm on my last couple of days holiday.

    I think we just played one more - we made it across the cornfield; I sprinted and repairmanjack limped across (the tank by the train tracks had chucked him into a fire), making it as the hoard went for Zoe. Noble gents that we are, we knew we could release her from the farmhouse closet.

    But then the same old story - we did well at the top of the stairs in the farmhouse but it all went to pot when the next Tank arrived - basically, as soon as we separated slightly in trying to avoid him, a smoker or hunter immediately grabbed one or both of us.

    So I'm ashamed to say we didn't finish. I *swear* Death Toll was much easier on advanced.
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