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    GiantBomb take a 45min not so "Quick Look" at the game.


    Really looks and sounds fantastic.

    kinky_mong wrote:
    It's a bit jarring how a dubstep remix of Run DMC cuts in when Tricky mode is activated over the sedate track in the first video. Hope there is an option to turn that off.

    That's my only complaint though, everything else looks fantastic!
    I wish it was the original version.

    Syrette wrote:
    The only problem I sort of have with those vids are that they sort of make it look a little... easy.

    If not easy then at least lenient. But it's an SSX game, I expect it to be very forgiving.
    Skip to 39mins in the GiantBomb video :)

    Stranded87 wrote:
    This has probably already been mentioned but apparently it has no split screen, some how it never even occurred to me that it might not have split screen. I know it's got online and I know games in general seem to be moving away from split screen, but some of the most fun I had on the original three was playing split screen :(

    I'll still buy it, but this has lowered my enthusiasm a significant amount.
    RedSparrows wrote:
    Do want, very much. No split screen is crap, however.
    I was hoping for split screen too. It's hard to be too angry though when there seems to be so much content packed into this.

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