#3902903, By Amajiro Has atheism become a religion?

  • Amajiro 18 Oct 2008 18:02:42 2,214 posts
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    JediMasterMalik wrote:
    Some atheists do follow atheism as if it were a religion, not all of course. In that they refuse to question their own beliefs. If you were looking purely objectively and purely rationally, then I think from most peoples perspective the correct stance would be that of agnosticism not atheist or theism.

    Borderline fail. Firstly it may be a hallmark of religion to not question one's own beliefs but an atheist doing that has nothing to do with their atheism. Secondly, if oneis looking objectively then the correct position is atheism (i.e. there's bugger all evidence for God), but looking rationally the correct position is a deeply sceptical agnosticism (spaghetti monster).
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