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    agparrot wrote:
    Dedicated last night to Firefight, and was very enjoyable - hooked up again with Larry, and also this time with DoctorP and Huntcja, and we had fun settling into the whole thing in Crater, before tooling with Rally Point, I think, and then getting disconnected in Crater at about 70,000 points, and then even more annoyingly we had broken the 100k mark on the excellent Chasm Ten map when AGAIN, it claimed that someone had left the game, and d/c us all. Bastard thing! Everyone was still in the lobby, and certainly nobody had left on purpose.

    It was only frustrating because we had a rhythm going at that point, but after that we just couldn't get a game started that didn't lag like whatsits, and Hunt and the Doc called it a night after an abortive attempt at Windward.

    I had a great time last night despite the lag, hopefully we can get a smooth game going tonight.

    I need to crack on with single player too, but I've been liking it so far.
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