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    Just getting into Demon's Souls after finally running out of things in Dark Souls.

    It's just... better. Is it wrong to say Demon's Souls is better? I'm not terribly far in - and for all the talk of how hard it is, I've found myself beating the tutorial boss without any headaches (Picking Royalty with Soul Arrow certainly helps so much!). But it's little things. Climbing over little walls. Luring enemies into traps. Getting ambushed by that executioner woman, kiting her and killing her with no trouble at all. It's Dark Souls, but it just feels like on a grander scale. Sort of like what I hope Dark Souls 2 will be really.

    That said, exploding that bug and taking Patches with it was probably not the best idea, might have to replay again... #getoutofthefreakingway #npcsarestupid.

    Master of Tekisuto No Kabe. *bows*
    And you're reading this why?!

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