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    So, finally started playing. I really want to be a Barbarian but of my five hours played so far I've made little to no progress. I'm better at the game, arguably, but in fits and spurts.

    In short: is the Barbarian the wrong class for me? Is it just too hard for a newcomer?

    I've read that perhaps dual-wielding two clubs may be the way to go and just charging/rolling and hammering the shit out of stuff. I've still not been further in Boletarian than that spear-wielding blue-eyed knight or that spiralling staircase downwards with the flame-wielding trash mob things. Couple of those and bang, no health.

    I read somewhere that I should find a ring to boost my health to 75% and the thief ring to stop stuff attacking me so quickly. Is that right? Where exactly are they?

    Basically, I'm after some entry-level Barbarian-specific tips. Can anyone help? I'm getting desperate.
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