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    mowgli wrote:
    So, loyalty in jobs - daft?
    Am I being a lazy fuck wanting to enjoy flexi part time for a bit longer before starting the monday- friday 8/6 grind?
    Will it look like I'm not as committed to dream job by not jumping at it?
    Depends on how badly you want to do the dream job now. As you said, it'll still be waiting for you next year. If you weren't enjoying your current job then I'd say yes, definitely go for it. But if you are, then what's the rush? For the time being you can enjoy the valuable experience in the current role, not to mention the freedom you get from working part-time, before you start your career proper. But if it feels like you're just wasting a year of your life there, then leave - surely you shouldn't have to worry about fucking your employer over, they can just get someone else in can't they?

    Just my two cents.
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