#4338967, By Juninho Jade Goody has cancer?

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    Retroid wrote:
    Only thing I can think of about the coverage is that she's hoping to raise awareness and be able to leave some cash for her children.

    Yeah you are probably right. And you can't really blame her for that I guess.

    But it is just the way it is done that leaves a bad taste in the mouth for me.

    The front covers of these magazines portray the latest round of her treatment in exactly the same way as they do some actor photographed dating a new girlfriend.

    These magazines are supposed to be fluffy and throwaway. The diary of someone's cancer treatment, regardless of who it is, just doesn't seem like it should be on the same level.

    But I guess the editorial meetings at these places don't think about whether it is right or wrong, just whether it will sell magazines.
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