#3554495, By monkie_king It's one of those "motion sickness" threads...

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    caligari wrote:
    Oddly enough I just COULD NOT play the 360's orange box on a large CRT - I felt like I was going to throw up after about five minutes.

    I ended up playing it for hours at a time on a small 19" Samsung LCD without any trouble at all.

    The point of this story? Erm...I haven't got a fawking clue.

    Hmm, I've just remembered that Portal made me a bit nauseous the first time I played it. I think it's the less-than-perfect framerate coupled with the random flying out of walls at odd angles. Your brain sometimes has trouble processing what's going on.

    Sitting further back nearly always helps, so you can see some of the real world around the screen.
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