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    ilmaestro wrote:
    I recently became iOS5 enable, Piro, so have used your app a little bit. Seems pretty good so far, main thing that I would pay extra for would simply be speed of search.
    Thanks - submitted a big update yesterday which may help, you can search by category now (verb/adj/noun) to filter down the results.

    Which phone do you have by the way? I've only been able to test with an iPhone4 and upwards where it gets results in 1-3 seconds and an iPad 1 which is a bit slower..

    The reason it's slower is because it does partial searching and wildcards, other apps like 'Japanese' which was my go-to dictionary for ages only let me search using the start or end of a word, so if I only recognized some of the kanji in the middle I was pretty stuck and would have to find the one kanji I knew then search the hundreds of examples to find the word. But now I can just search for '**きる' and it'll find all matching vocab. That was my biggest reason for making my own app so I could sacrifice some of the speed and make it much more useful for learners.
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