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    Dirtbox wrote:
    Yeah, completely agree. I haven't had the courage to play SS1 for years though, it's just so damn ugly.
    I played level 1 yesterday using System Shock Portable. The mouselook mod really helps. Being able to play at a decent resolution also helps as the default setting mean that the textures are rarely seen anywhere near their actual fidelity. Got to level 2 and forgot about the surprise, tried to escape but the elevator door was blocked.

    quadfather wrote:Personally, like the paragraph says on the mp page - it's not really meant to be played co-op - you'll ruin the atmosphere
    There's also the same amount of available resources in MP, so you either learn to share and play very co-operatively or let one player get all the goodies and escort the other player(s). Unless they tweaked it for this version.
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